About us


Nakhle.Ets is a leading retailer of women’s luxury apparel in Lebanon. It holds exclusive franchises for a plethora of high-end fashion brands, especially originating from fashion houses in Germany, Spain, England, and Canada.  Different clients have different needs, and thus it is committed to ensuring a wide selection of offerings to accommodate all tastes – whether formal or casual. Today, Nakhle is a top-tier destination for fashion shopping in Lebanon and attracts shoppers looking for the most exquisite and unique designs that set them apart.


Nakhle.Ets was founded by Edward Youssef Nakhle, with the first branch opening its doors to the public in Hamra in 1945. Throughout the decades, Nakhle expanded into more areas so to cater to a larger portion of the population. In addition to the Hamra branch, Nakhle is today present in Kaslik, Broumana, and Downtown. In 2005, Franklyman, a high-end fashion house for women, awarded Nakhle an exclusive franchise. In 2010, Nakhle underwent a vast portfolio expansion, which especially marked the introduction of Spanish fashionwear Sonia Pena.

Today Nakhle is a family-run business, managed by Hady and Najwa Dagher (Owners) along with Eddy, Johny & Michelle Dagher (Managing Directors). Due to the expansions over the years, Nakhle team has grown to more than fifty professionals with utmost commitment to successful retail and distribution, as well as client satisfaction. 

Key to Success

The key behind Nakhle decades-long success has been the forward vision of its team, which always planned ahead to catch up with the latest trends in the fashion industry. It works day and night to ensure that the most elegant fashion wear makes its way to our shelves. Moreover, the management is constantly looking for expansion opportunities – both in terms of portfolio and network – with a vision of positioning Nakhle as the leading retailer for women luxury fashion in Lebanon. With such a highly-dedicated and committed team, we have been able to build an unparalleled level of customer loyalty.